SNAG Boston Conference

My work will be included in two exhibitions and a presentation during the 2015 SNAG Boston Conference.  May 20-23rd at the Boston Plaza Hotel.

Field Notes

Maia Leppo, Jessica Tolbert and Anne Fiala will be presenting research that they gathered from metalsmiths, jewelers and makers in the field of metalsmithing and jewelry that centers around the spaces that unite and divide the field of metalsmithing. It should be a very interesting discussion.  It’s happening from 4:00 – 5:30 pm on Thursday May 21st.  I have submitted a bunch of great info about why I make, how I feel that’s different and the subject of motherhood and making will most definitely be discussed.


#thisisabrooch started as a hashtag on Instagram and has turned into a full blown exhibition!  I couldn’t be more excited to be included in this show, curated by Emilie Mulcahey and Maggie Smith.  Check them out in one of the Adorned Spaces Exhibits all day Friday 10am – 10pm.  Check out more about #thisisabrooch on their website here: #thisisabrooch



#thisisnotabrooch is a traveling exhibit that is hosted by Platforma One Gallery.  Images of brooches printed on stickers that will be distributed throughout the conference.  I will have a few stickers floating around.  Find them! Tag me on Instagram or Facebook.  I want to see them!