Icon Series

Icon is a collection of sculptural objects and soot images that examine Queen Elizabeth I as image-maker, cultural producer and historical female rebel.


Trophies employ the historical visual identification system of heraldry and the format of the animal-head mounted trophy in order to address forms of masculine power. Rigid industrial steel is heated to red-hot and through the muscular process of blacksmithing is rendered into delicate and ornate curves. Silky and fleshy stockings are transformed into structural knotted veins that control and maintain shape and order. Handmade cotton lace emerges from the order of the family tree, stretching and covering to prevent the proud system of masculinity from being easily seen. Presenting objects where material expectations are reversed yet opposing materials visually relate works to confront my conflicted relationship of expected gender roles.


Objects and studies

Body Extensions

This series of works explore the relationship between the written word and the lines of making. These lines create extensions from the body, allowing the body to speak


Interested in vintage hairstyling and the link between the vintage hairstyling, music  and the rockabilly sub-culture, these vintage styled wigs are formed from three different types of musical media.