Purge And Dry

Purge and Dry is a performance of a welded steel corset with ovary-shaped spherical containers that protrude and contain bubble-gum pink "guts" that are pulled and unspooled in order to be "hung" out to dry on my domestic clothes line. I acknowledge the history of attempting to restrain the female body via corset, but allow one years worth of my journal writing, in the form of bitchy pink machine embroidered cotton physical words, to be purged from my body, spun onto a spool and hung out to dry. My words were both available to be read and cryptic because they were sewn cursive words in my handwriting

Yarn Spinning

I claim to be where I am is a performance where cotton yarn is spun into words forming a poem about distance from love and heartbreak. This poem was spun of elevators during a busy art opening, demanding that viewer watch and listen.