Wire Lace Sample Brooches

Brooches created during the experimentation of how to manipulate and shape steel woven lace.

Lactation Series

The pieces in this series explore the hormonally expanded, stretched and discolored appendages that transform on the female body during pregnancy. Strangely absent from American media, images of the female body’s metamorphosis into motherhood are investigated in these lopsided and swollen forms that refuse to be ignored with bright bitchy pink stockings.

Shields, Links and Bows

The work in this series reflects my desire to subvert gendered iconography. I source the gendered history and power of the masculine visual identification system of heraldry and work to feminize that power by rendering shields, links and other heraldic icons lace-like and beautified, questioning which gendered power is being promoted.

Monochrome Noir

The work in this series boldly flaunts deep fields of black punctuated with the use of a single color. My use of black steel connects to my desire to subvert the masculine qualities industry. My bitchy pink stockings are knotted and strong, holding the work together


Utilizing the format and history of badges and medals as masculine objects of power and prestige, my jewelry attempts to subvert that power through material and process. Rigid industrial steel is heated to red-hot and through the muscular process of blacksmithing is rendered into delicate and ornate curves. Fleshy nylon stockings are transformed into structural knotted veins that control and maintain shape and order. Creating jewelry where material expectations are reversed yet opposing materials visually relate works to challenge traditional gender roles.

Experimentation Series

My first series of jewelry following my trophy series. This is the first series exploring how to create jewelry following the same thinking in the trophy series.